My new best friend

Every so often I like to switch it up with the Word of God!  I like to get a new version or a new cover or one with different commentary.  Today I got this:


It actually looks like this:

black bible

I know, no sparkles or color, just plain black.  But the moment you open it, LIFE springs forth!!  It has only been my best friend for 4 hours but I’ve spent 1hour and 20 minutes pouring over it and the rest of the 4 hours holding it close to me!  It was love at first sight! 

When I really want to dig into scripture I  have my best friend: The Word Of God, a concordance, a Greek/Hebrew dictionary, and a commentary or 2 or 3.  Then I just tear it up….digging and flipping pages, following rabbit trails that lead me to treasures that no eye has seen!  I love it.  But it is so cumbersome to lug these tools with me to Starbucks, or Thump, or even to my prayer room.  Honestly, this dilemma of so many amazing bible help sources has kept me, dare I say it, from taking adequate time to study.  Yes its true, I am an all or nothing kinda gal at times, I don’t like loose end and, ‘perseverance’ and I haven’t gotten along without struggle over the years.  So, when it comes to really getting into the word, if I don’t have time and resources to go deep, often times I’ll just let it go by the side.

So… can imagine my amazement and complete utter joy and satisfaction when I found this amazing reference filled Bible.  Each scripture has KEY WORDS highlighted and coded with the strong’s reference number.  Then in the back is conveniently located a dictionary and concordance!!! 

Lordy BE!!  I think I have found the joy of 2009!

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  1. Tracy,

    Thanks for sharing your excitement! I truly understand…also, about how you study…I do much of the same.

    Now, will you share where you purchased this beauty and find? Does it come in a NIV translation?

    Since you are so excited about it, will you be using it for “HE speaks to me”?

    What FUN! Many blessings of revelation and enjoyment!

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