Reasons why I love tomorrow!


That’s basically it.

I love that with the first day of school comes routine:)  It starts tonight.  We’ll have a really healthy meal (cause I like to make sure my kids have at least one healthy meal a week!), we’ll talk about what we are packing in our sack lunches tomorrow, what uniform pairing we’ll pick for the first day of school, we’ll talk about friends we can’t wait to see and how we hope there is no homework for the first week of school.  The kids will go to bed early….actually, not really, I don’t change their sleep pattern just because it is summer.  We basically stay the same sleep wise unless there is a ‘special occasion’ like camping or a sleepover.  Otherwise, kids always go to bed ‘early’ or on time.  But I’ll even go to bed early. Ok, I go to bed early all year round compared to most of you.  So let’s skip the sleep conversation, it will probably not change.  BUT it will seem like it’s changed because after the kids go to bed, I’ll light candles, I’ll spend some time praying for them and their first day of school.  I’ll be sure all the necessities are in place for a great first morning!!

We will arise EARLY and prepare for the first day.  Worship music will be playing in the background, no tv to distract us, kids will look cute in their newly pressed uniforms, their hair will be clean and brushed(unlike most summer days), teeth will be shiny clean and they will make their own lunches, with mom giving the final ‘thumbs up’ on lunch choices!  Then off to school we go  20 minutes there, walk into new classes, get settled in new desks, give hugs(unless the 5th grader decides this is the year no hug from mom) and off I go……….Kids learn, I work!

6 hours later I prepare for their return.  They come home, we do homework.  They play, we eat dinner, they go to bed.  And it starts over again!  I love it!

AND….I got a new journal.  Being a mom with kids in school, my year goes from September to September.  Not January to January.  So my year begins tomorrow. New journal, new bible translation, new underwear(seriously), new new new. I’m ready for new and routine and new!

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  1. hmmmm….sounds like a where is waldo question…what do you see missing in my blog? My car is missing….but I’m borrowing one! Very well could have left out a detail:) Which I’m sure everyone is thankful for, to many details make for tedious reading….we also feed 2 dogs, fish and now a Gecko every morning. Often times doing a devotional before bed and even now reading stories together! I love fall and the routine of it, its predictable and lovely!

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