I am amply supplied

“But I have received everything in full, and have an abundance; I am amply supplied…”  Philippians 4:18a

Today I had the privilege of reading the book of Philippians out loud in my home. I call it a privilege for many reasons, one being that some brethren in Christ Jesus our Lord don’t have access to the Word of God or would put their lives at risk to be declaring scriptures out loud.  But also a privilege to have a quiet Sunday morning to seek the Lord. 

As a full-time working mom of 2 amazing, busy, children, and being a woman whose circumstances don’t necessarily shout with Joy and thanksgiving, and being an American in such a time as this….I have been praying that God would open up ample opportunity to seek Him and learn from Him and be in His presence for longer expanses of time.  This prayer, however, comes with the realization that all  the things listed above do their best to press out every last bit of time and energy from my very soul.  Only a God who desires to be with me as much as I desire to be with Him would be faithful to carve out such times.  He has been faithful.

The main “gist” of Philippians is that we/I have been given the All-sufficiency of Christ in any circumstance, good or bad.  Christ is the very meaning of life and death.  And like Paul, I have the righteousness of Christ, I shall walk it out in joy and confidence.  I shall persevere.

So, I shout through this blog, at the top of my lungs with full conviction that “I HAVE RECEIVED EVERYTHING IN FULL, AND HAVE AN ABUNDANCE; I AM AMPLY SUPPLIED….”

It amazes me, rends me speechless, and leads me to worship the KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, ALPHA and OMEGA.  To the throne room I go, to meet with my King and to thank Him for the ample supply!

What do you say...

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