Shout out to Martin Luther!

Martin Luther was one of the most important figures in church history…he launched a great revolution, THE REFORMATION!  Luther was a professor, theologian, former monk, scholar, author, Bible translator and defender of the faith.  (we have a lot in common, I’m praying about the ‘former monk’ title….it might fit me someday). Martin and I are kindred spirits.  I’ve picked up a devotional called “Faith Alone” and it has now become one of my favorites.  Here is one reason why:

AN excerpt from Martin Luther, March 26…..

but if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law.  Galatians 5:18

When we are fiercely attacked by anger, hatred, impatience, sexual desire, sorrow, or desires of the sinful nature, we cannot get rid ourselves of these desires no matter how much we would like.  What should we do?  Should we despair? No. We ought to say, “My sinful nature fights and rages now against the Spirit.  Let it rage as long as it wants to.  I won’t give in to it.  But I will live by the Spirit and be led by him so that I won’t gratify the desires of the sinful nature.  If I do this, I am free from the law.  It will accuse and frighten me but does so in vain.”

When you are suffering temptation, you should not be upset that the devil can exaggerate sin.  At the time, he may make your sins appear so large that you fear you will be immediately and totally overcome, so that you feel nothing but the wrath of God and despair.  At that moment, don’t follow your feelings, but hold on to the words of Paul: “ If you are led by the Spirit”—that is, if you encourage yourself through faith in Christ—“you are not under law.”  Then you will have the most powerful defense with which to extinguish all the flaming arrows that the devil shoots at you(Ephesians 6:16).  All the agitation and raging of the sinful nature cannot hurt or condemn you, because you follow the Spirit and don’t give in to the sinful nature or gratify its desires.  Therefore, this is the only remedy.  When we feel the stirrings of the sinful nature raging in us, we ought to grasp the sword of the Spirit (or shotgun of the Spirit *my interpretation*) –that is, the word of salvation.  Then we will undoubtedly be victors, though we will feel the total opposite as long as the battle lasts. 



Clap your hands together and stand up for Pastor Luther! Come on, seriously good stuff!….It will accuse and frighten me but DOES SO IN VAIN!  YEAH!

Love you Marty!!

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