I was just sitting here on this GREY day, which came after a beautiful SUNNY day yesterday, wondering….What do you think about change? 

Some change is expected and calculated and you can prepare for it.  Kinda like today…the weatherman faithfully(but not always accurately) shared with me the weather report for today, so I knew we’d see some rain and not the sun.  I was ready for it.  I still don’t like it but I could prepare by calculating in advance not to take the time to do my hair and to choose the cozy boots instead of the flip flops.

BUT what about the change that just happens and you can’t plan for, you may not know its gonna happen until its on your doorstep and before you know it you’re in a totally different place.  what about that kind of change?  what do you think about that kind?

For example…14 years ago I was married, today I’m not married(my apologies if this is new information to you, God has been faithful and He will redeem this as well, Rom 8:28).  9 years ago I moved into my house and last week I found out I have to move.  One year ago I was ministering to people at a retreat, this year I’m staying home.  An  hour ago my house was silent and tranquil and now Disney Channel is filling the air and boisterous kids are all around(alright, i could totally plan for that one;))!

I’m sure there are some great scriptures about change and how the Lord is never changing…but during seasons of CHANGE in my own life, I prefer to be planned and calculated, not surprised and unprepared:)  So today I’ll share with you two verses that tell us WHAT SHALL BE CHANGED!  I especially like them because they talk about how God will change things just like you and I change our coats.  One will be taken off and another put on…simple, not complicated, not easy, just simply a taking off and a putting on

Psalm 102: 24-26

I said, “O My God, Do not take me away in the midst of my days; Your years are throughout all generations.  Of old you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.  They will perish, but YOU will endure; Yes, they will all grow old like a garment; Like a cloak You will change them, And they will be changed.”

Hebrews 1:10-12

AND: “You, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundation of the earth, and the Heavens are the work of your hands.  They will perish, but you remain; and they will all grow old like a garment; Like a cloak you will fold them up, And they will be changed.  But you are the same, And your years will not fail.”

God’s way is so much better than mine, He’s just gonna take off the old cloak, fold it up and the years will be changed!  So refreshing to know that when GOD moves His change will not get all messed up and complicated and surprising in a bad way…but it will be perfect and planned and calculated and uncomplicated.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?! 

As for me and my house?….we will serve the Lord!  He is faithful and We are blessed.  He is our provider and He has provided. We are in God’s hands and we are living out Jeremiah 29:11. 

What do you think about change?

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  1. Tracy,
    This reminds me of the passage we all know:
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.
    God’s WILL is a great and exciting thing. It can be challenging to recognize at times, but always rewarding if we do our best to flow in it as much as we can. It is definitely not a straight line!!
    The Spanaway Crew

  2. How do I feel about change? Over the years I have come to welcome the challenge of change, because it always seems as though so many lessons are learned in the midst of change. Sometimes change can be filled with fun and laughter, like when we ripped out carpet on a whim. Sometimes it can bring a feeling of anxiety, like when we started a new business. Sometimes change brings a feeling of loss and grief, like it did when parents passed away and dad’s phone calls to come pick him up stop happening. But always change brings another opportunity to trust in God’s Presence in my life – and that NEVER changes. So I guess I have learned to embrass change more than fear it.

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