To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven….Ecclesiastes 3

~Much has taken place in my little life since I was ‘Trusting God’ on May 22nd.  And whereas, I have not been freed to share the details, I will share with you the concept. 

When life throws curves and things seem uncertain, remember that God is in control and as sure as there are season’s in a year, there are season’s in your life.  With each season, no matter how unclear it seems at the moment, there is a purpose under heaven.  I have come to know and understand that it is in the Winter that Spring is conceived.  And after each winter the sun does indeed shine again, the snow does melt, the tears do dry and the fruit does come. 

It is in the season’s you don’t understand at the moment, that often hold the most purpose and often give life to your future.  The seed needs to die in the ground to give life to the plant.  So must the seasons in our lives bring certain death, that life may come again.

Life has come again for me.  It started with a vow.  A vow to my God that I trusted Him to do the inconceivable.  To repair the unrepairable and to bring life from death.  There surely was a purpose, there surely was a plan, there surely will be joy after sorrow.  I am convinced of this! 

Here is a video of the song that reflects my heart.  It captured me a while back but it was just this last week that it became the song of my heart!  I’m not completely fond of the video but just play the song, close your eyes and enjoy. Surrender all to the God who makes a purpose out of every season, no matter what comes your way.

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