Better late then never

Is that how the saying goes?  “Better late then never” or “Better late than never”.  Then or than…I’m sure you have an answer to that.  But either way I wonder if that statement is always true.  Better late….then never?  Really, cause sometimes I think that ‘never’ is a good answer.  I actually just began thinking about that statement when I realized I hadn’t posted my ‘ONE’ for today.  So, I’ll make it simple.  This post you’ll probably agree is one of the things that would fall into the, would be ok if it was NEVER posted, category.   It’s not really better for you or I that it is late because in truth it will probably add nothing to your late evening or early morning or future date reading. 

But there are things that are better, even if they are late.  Things you’d like that would not be good if they fell in the never category, and you’d totally take them as late entries in your life.  I can think of a number of them….love, health, wealth, a loved one coming to know the Lord, a sick person healed, freedom, sleep, joy, peace, a warm hat on a cold day, a call from a loved one, a hug..…

What is a better late then never thing for you?  How late did it come or are you still waiting?

3 thoughts on “Better late then never

  1. Does an encouraging word ripen and become more influencial after a time of waiting? Maybe, but I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for the right words… An encouraging word is always better late then never 🙂

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