How biscuits could bring world peace…..

Now mind you I haven’t  tested this philosophy but I’m pretty sure we could build a whole world peace strategy around The Biscuit. 

John 6:48 says “I am the bread of Life”.  Bread must be pretty powerful stuff if Jesus is going to claim that He is the BREAD of life.  If its good enough for Jesus, its something  we should rightly use to bring LIFE and peace!

So, here’s how it worked out for me today.  Instead of going to Basketball practice, My son meets me after school declaring how ill he feels and that he can barely walk from all the weakness that has overcome his 12 year old strapping young body.  The mom in me, after having a long day herself, wants to say….oh poor little boy, get in my car and let me take you home where you can rest and that will make my life so much easier then having to come back to get you after practice.  But the ‘dad’ in me…I’m convinced that upon a daddy moving out of the house each single mother is imparted with a ‘dad’ spirit….The Dad in me says “Tough, get your butt out of this car and go to practice”.  “But mom….I can barely see straight”.  “Well then I suggest you get into that gym before your sight leaves you completely, OUT!”  “What if I faint?”  “The coaches will help you” “No they won’t they are mean” “Ok, then I’ll help you when I come back in 1.5 hours, GO” “You don’t understand”  Door slams, boy drags his ragged body to the gym with all the attitude and apparent disdain of a vegetarian sitting down to a big juicy steak.

I, then, proceed to go home and collapse on my bed for 45 minutes… dinner planned yet, no motivation to cook a darn thing, but unfortunately Dave Ramsey has me on a budget and eating-out isn’t an option.  What to eat……comfort food…..biscuits.  THAT’S IT!  Bread of Life! 

I go pick up my kid with my ‘dad’ personality shining strong, kid gets in the car with a NEW attitude…turns out the MEN that lead his basketball team have magic powers.  Kid asks what’s for dinner.  Chicken and biscuits.  BISCUITS!!!! AWESOME!  You’re the best mom! 

And that is why I boldly proclaim to all state and world leaders that biscuits clearly are the missing key to world peace!

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