Just Before Midnight

I was falling asleep, when I remembered I hadn’t posted today’s ONE. Thank goodness for the WordPress app on my blackberry:). Here I tap one letter at a time under a blanket because my family is on a little weekend get-away and I’m sharing a room with the two children and the two dogs. How did I get so lucky?!
Anyway, my ONE for today is DADS!
None of us would be here without them. I know some of you don’t have the most excellent earthly father but regardless, your dad was used by your heavenly Father to give you life, be thankful.
I’ve mentioned my dad in some previous posts but you don’t know his name or SSN or any other personal information because you could steal his identity and I don’t want to put him at risk(or at least he might believe that..love ya dad).
Reasons I’m thankful for my dad:
1. He love me unconditionally
2. He makes sure I have chains in the car just in case we need them while driving over the pass
3. He has started me in the discipline of saving for retirement
4. He is patient with me and with my kids and sometimes with my brother;)
5. He has worked hard and created a legacy for his family
6. He makes the best popcorn in all of the World and isn’t afraid to call it dinner
7. He rolls his eyes
8. He loves my mom
9. He is a man I admire
10. He gave me his eyes and we are more alike then different

Just before midnight you have my ONE, or 10 for the day!


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  1. Love you daughter.remember,lock your car doors,put on your seat belt and turn on your lights.see you when you get home.

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