The Lifetime Resolution

I am not a big fan of the New Years Resolution.  I’m convinced its mostly because I don’t like to fail and if I don’t set a public ‘resolution’ you won’t know that I succeeded or failed.  I’m sure its some unresolved people pleasing issue that I didn’t sort out completely in therapy but whatever the case this year I will share with you my lifetime resolution.

In my life I resolve to “be my utmost for His highest—my best for His glory” and the summation of it all can be found HERE.

Striving to love Jesus and allowing his love to overflow through me covering every area of life is the highest calling.  Therefore, it is my LIFETIME resolution to determine to set my will into action of seeking, knowing and living Christ Jesus, He in me and I in Him.

I will share with you how I attempt to do this in my everyday ordinary life. Of course it is really not ME that does but Christ in me that does, but this is simply semantics in my opinion because I assume the truth as it is presented in God’s word.  However, this is not worthy to discuss at this time as it does not add or take away from my feeble attempts to establish routine that leads to obtaining the goal I’ve set out to attain, My Best for His Glory.

1.  I am a big fan of Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.  Mostly I love his simple truths written in daily devotions that guide me morning by morning and evening to Evening.  If you have time read the story about Oswald and Biddy Chambers, Biddy(the nickname Oswald gave his bride as he called her Beloved Disciple, shortened to B.D. and therefore lived out as Biddy).  She was Oswald’s strength and true helper…Proverbs 31 woman at its best.

2.  Once a Lutheran, always a Lutheran and if never a Lutheran you should love Martin Luther anyway.  Basically Luther was one of the most important radicals in our history as he launched one of the greatest revolutions of all—the Reformation.  He forcefully preached and defended the doctrine that we are justified through faith alone—plus nothing.  Hence the other devotional that follows me daily, FAITH ALONE, Martin Luther.

3. Truth for Life, a daily broadcast by Alistair Begg.  Over the years God has ignited this insatiable desire to KNOW God’s word.  I think Alistair does a good job of teaching God’s word and I need a little more of that in m my life then I get at my local church.  Plus, his accent just warms my heart!

These are my tried and true ‘helps’ that lead me along the path toward this Lifetime Resolution.  Tomorrow I’ll share with you some of the NEW things I’ll be adding in the months ahead….some you can do with me and others well, they are just for me.

Happy New Year….what is your Lifetime Resolution?

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  1. Lifetime Resolutions seem even more daunting than New Year’s ones. But, I’m with you—striving to follow Jesus, and being conformed bit by bit by Him.

    Looking forward to reading your posts, my friend.

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