Happy Wife, Happy Life

Early in the morning on March 24th we went to meet with the Laurie from Makena Weddings.  One of the things that stuck with us was the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.  Lots of truth to that ancient Hawaiian secret!

After setting the details for the next day we made a stop here:


We got pretty excited after we found the beach we would meet on to say our vows the next day.  Beautiful!


That evening we had a family gathering and shared a meal with our parents and brothers.  My soon to be husband then spent some time doing this…


I had no idea he had such talent, nor did I know we shared the love of this:

photo (4)

Early on  March 25th my daughter and mother and I packed up our beauty supplies and made our way to a wonderful little resort where we lounged by the pool

photo (5)

Got our hairs done and our make-up did…..


photo (10)

It was so much fun and my daughter was sooooo beautiful

photo (7)

As we made our way to the beach I couldn’t help to think how faithful God is.  Faithful to make all things new and to bring beauty from ashes.  I was ready to step into this new adventure in my life and I was confident that God had brought us all to such a time as this.


Reverand Al met us on the beach to help us tie the knot


AND IT WAS WINDY!!!!  I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t so full of love I would have blown away!

These two were full of love too….

mom dad

This guy was pretty wonderful too, he has a steady hand with the flip cameraSmile



The wind didn’t stop us from beginning a lifetime together…


It was simple and beautiful and perfect.  The photographer did amazing work!  Please if you go to Maui, connect with Caprice Nicole Photography.  She was wonderful to work with and I am so excited to get my hands on the ‘Storybook’ she is creating for our memories.

photo (11)

Of course no wedding is complete without eating Filet Mignon in a fitted little white dress and gorging yourself on delectable treats with your loved ones.


When all was said and done, I was indeed blessed but more than a beautiful wedding, I desire a beautiful marriage.  One that reflects Christ’s Love for the church and brings glory to God.  A marriage that would be a picture to those around us, especially for our children, a picture of the sacrificial love that embodies the Gospel of Jesus!


Happy Wife….

photo (9)

….until next time Maui….ALOHA!

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