The morning before school starts

The morning before school and all through the house

not a creature was stirring except for the mom. (we don’t have mouse)

She put on some coffee and grabbed the Good book. 

Only a bit of time left but that’s all that it took.


Direction and knowledge she draws from the truth

And prays for the children, God, may they be filled too.

Jesus do your good work and grown them up strong,

Give them Your presence and move them along.


She dreams of their futures and sees them so bright,

God has done great things and asks that her children be shining lights.

Testaments of God’s goodness, representation of His grace,

Blessings to their teachers and good friends all their days.


Stirring upstairs was her clue to finish up,

 the little monsters were coming, they were up, up up!

With smiles on their faces, and a bounce in their step

They got ready for school and look so well kept.


No hair was astray, their teeth were all brushed

No one was worried, there was no rush.

So off they went to the first day of school,

Filled with dreams of their own, because they are cool.


God bless them this day and give them their needs

They are such blessed children I love them indeed.



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