Leaning and being directed

Through skillful and godly Wisdom is a house(a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established (on a sound and good foundation), And by knowledge shall its chambers (of every area) be filled with all the precious and pleasant riches.  Proverbs 24:3-4

Sometimes, the word of God floods over you and you engulfs you and is refreshing.  Other times it blows you and knocks you over as if a hurricane off the coast line.  I suppose the word of God can be a life boat during these times too. Then there are those times that the truth of God’s word picks you up and sets you down in a whole other location completely.  I call that the tornado effect.  Often times the word of God is an anchor that you throw off your life’s boat and it anchors you or it becomes a marker in your life, a fence post of sorts that IS the foundation of who God created you to be. Then there is the warm blanket of God’s word that you read and you snuggle in. 

I believe the verse above is a fence post for our family, for my life, but it is also one of those verses that I read and the warm fuzzy blanket engulfs me and I snuggle these words to death.

Interestingly enough Nelson’s commentary tells us that these verses speak with a certain confidence and understanding of life beyond the grave.  The verse is a prayer to God as death approaches.  I didn’t really contemplate that commentary much, mostly I really enjoyed these insights from the Baker commentary:

Wisdom builds, establishes and furnishes a house, whether it be a physical structure, a family business, or a personal reputation.  Brains outrank sheer brute force because they can plan a winning strategy, but the fool reveals his true self by being unable to conduct proper negotiations in life. 

It goes on to say: Wisdom is as palatable to the spirit as honey is to the body but carries with it a more permanent reward.  This is reminiscent of Jesus, who suffered the apparent defeat of death only to triumph magnificently in his resurrection.

As I sat this morning and really drew these words in as breath, I understood the comfort these verses bring in my life because I crave knowledge. I’ve always been that way.  I buy every book on the shelf related to the circumstance I’m facing or the questions I need answers too. So far its been a winning strategy in my life. It is the same as I study 2 verses in the bible…4 commentaries later and multiple versions of the bible,  a prayer asking for understanding and a desire to seek wisdom and I’m satisfied with the truth that has been planted as a post in my life.

It doesn’t take a scholar to settle with this truth: Wisdom comes from knowledge and with the Holy Spirits help, knowledge brings understanding. Wisdom and understanding fill your life with precious and pleasant riches; mostly not of the $ kind but of the lasting kind, like goodness and mercy following you all the days of your life.  Its about being wise in all you do, in the decisions you make, in the friends you keep.  Its about not being foolish in your dealings or bullying your way but being wise in your calculations as you build your family, your business, your life.  Leaning not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge HIM and he will direct your paths. (Prov 3:4-6).

Leaning and being directed…amen!


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