This just in….researchers found that eating chocolate FREQUENTLY was associated with a lower body mass index. The anti-oxidants found on cocoa enhance your metabolic function. I was so excited when I read this. They say people who ate FIVE servings of chocolate per WEEK weighed about 5-7 lbs less than chocolate abstainers!!!

How much can you eat in order to reap the benefits??? 1 whole ounce per day. How much is that you ask? Lay a credit card over your average (not super thick) chocolate bar; that is your portion.

I don’t know about you but I needed this news to get me through the winter!

Yesterday, I was talking about God’s beauty secrets and today I’m distracted by chocolate. I could argue that chocolate is one of the top 5 ancient beauty secrets, as a matter of fact I’m confident that Jesus probably knew where every Cacao plant was in Nazareth!

Chocolate….beauty secret of the Nazarene’s! Yes? Either way, go get some nice rich dark chocolate for your body today! It’s good for you!

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