Sappy love post

3 years ago today this man knocked on my door.

I’m sentimental and romantic and I’ve always marked my days with events and they stick.  Today is the day my beloved and I spent our first day together.  We had known each other for about a month but we had yet to go on a date.  We met in an untraditional way and chose to spend about a 279 pages of letters with each other before we felt ready to spend a chunk of time together.

Today was the day…the kids were gone to grandparent camp and Mr. Paul lived in Portland so it was a big deal that he had chosen to drive to Bend to spend time with his pen pal:)

There was a knock upon the door, my heart leapt to my throat, I took a deep breath and walked carefully to the door.  I loved him already.  I knew him better than I knew most people.  Our time writing and talking was time well spent.  We were using that time to be sure that the other person was someone we could love.  Neither of us were interested in dating as much as we were interested in finding a life partner.  Which I guess is why we decided to do things the way we did.  It worked.

I opened the door and it was confirmed  instantly in my spirit that he was my man.   I think because we already knew each other, this visit just needed to confirm one thing….was he really who he said he was.  I know he was wondering the same about me.  We were jaded folks, still are a little bit.  We had ‘been there done that’ in relationship and whereas we both desired a good life partner, neither of us were convinced that one really existed.

We sat on my couch and talked for 10 hours straight, we ate left over potato salad, baked beans and fruit for dinner and talked some more.  We fell in love.   When he left I fell to my face before God and cried my eyes out.  I knew that the Lord had provided me with someone special, someone authentic, someone kind, someone loving, someone just for me.  He really was who he said he was.

And we lived happily ever after….

I love you Brek Daniel, thank you for being a good man, thank you for loving me well, thank you for loving my children better, thank you for bringing me iced latte’s on hot days and agreeing with me that its to hot to cook dinner. Thank you for being who you said you were and for coming to Bend 3 years ago to sweep me off my feet, I’m still floating…


…this ‘sappy love post’ was brought to you by the letters L, O, V, E

stay tuned next week as we return to our regularly scheduled programming brought to you by the letters J, E, S, U, S

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