An invitation to wisdom

Wisdom has prepared a table for you. She has built a room full of strength and beauty because there was not one that was suitable for her. You are invited to her table. There is choice meat there and wine, you are invited to sit at her table and to eat her bread. She has sent out her maidens to call all who are naive to turn in and enter her gate.

Wisdom is an invitation. Have you RSVP’d? You must turn from you folly and leave bad company behind. Do not conform to their way but follow wisdom to her house. With wisdom your days are multiplied and years are added to your life.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” Proverbs 910 .

Where Wisdom gets dominion in a soul, she works out all the knowledge of holy things. To participate in the banquet of wisdom is to study and learn and thus gain life! Wisdom can only gain dominion over your soul if you allow her to. Just as Satan can only tempt, he can not force, a willing participant is needed for wisdom to do her job. Scoffers and wicked hearts will have no desire or reason to follow wisdom and to sit under her teaching. They are dead, they think they are getting away with sweet water and bread eaten in secret, but they are already in the depths of hell, simply because they were not foolish enough to follow wisdom to her table.

Isn’t it interesting that the foolish and those that lack understanding are the only ones that can answer the call of wisdom. The scoffers believe they already know enough and can handle it on their own, they are not teachable, they hurl insults at rebuke and come not to the table of wisdom.

How foolish are you? Where is your naivety? Are you ridiculous enough to be unreasonably committed to God’s word? Would you sit at the table of wisdom and partake in the feast she has prepared? Life is found there and ‘if you are wise, you are wise for yourself’ but if you are a scoffer you are left  to carry your own and induce iniquity by your own actions.

Wisdom, I gladly accept your invitation. Let me eat at your table of the knowledge of the Holy One. Understanding be the cloak that I gladly bear. I will seek after it and I will find it.

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