Strangled by the World

Strangled by the world, brought down by the weight.
Does it ever feel like to much? or to little to late?
sickness takes over or disease destroys
hearts are abandoned and the enemy ploys

People move away and children are played
left to learn life’s lessons at too young of an age
Bills pile up and money disappears
you feel weary and weak and as if no one cares

but One I know and One I seek
He has the answers that no one can keep
Be careful or your hearts will be weighed down
the anxieties of life shouldn’t be your crown

be always on watch
cast your cares on me
you needed carry this thing
let me…let me


I was strangled by the world this week. I didn’t even know it. It was crouched like a lion and took me by surprise. Before I knew it people were asking me what was wrong? I didn’t really think anything was wrong and at first took offense. But as I sat and prayed and looked and determined…sure as the sun in the morning…I was being strangled. Too much on my plate, reflected in my face and my voice and my words.


Its ridiculous too because I really do have it pretty good. I suppose the world strangles the best of us. In Luke, when Jesus was tempted by the devil, it says “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an OPPORTUNE time”. The devil is always waiting for an opportune time to take you down. Its his thing….

It could be a job you don’t have or a spouse that you want or a spouse you don’t want. It could be your body not cooperating with supporting your life or your kids getting to you or even your wife. It could be finances, or relationships, or your mind, or your weight, or your schedule, or your lack of…..
You name it the world is set to strangle you if you let it. It can weigh you down and crush you. But have hope! Yes have hope. If you can take a moment to loosen the grip it has on your neck. If you will take a second to take a deep breath. If you’ll just turn to Jesus, it is true, He alone will rescue you.

I know “cast your cares on Jesus” it’s what every one says…and it seems easy to say when you aren’t the one being strangled today. But if its you, who is drowning in life, please try it on for size:) Cast your cares…it does work, I promise, but sometimes it takes time. Don’t give up casting until peace comes. Don’t give up turning things over to God until you aren’t being strangled anymore.

Jesus loves you this I know…..

Thankfully, after days of casting my cares, I’m no longer strangled by the world. I am free today and plan to keep it that way. Yes I know this blog rhymed and I did take my time, to write the poem at the top…clearly I couldn’t stop. I’m a poet at heart. I was young when it started and from it I can not part. I think in rhymes sometime and I better stop writing or this will become quite a fright!


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