I haven’t posted in over a month.

I have written many a blog in my head and boy were they good.  I wish I could have written them all down but I trust that God has stored them away and someday they will be shared.

I have worked every day this year.  I knew it would be a tough start to 2014 but I had no idea it would be like this.  *it is important to note that although my business has monopolized my life God has been gracious to open up opportunities for self-care, family time, and daily needs are met.*  Albeit, this year has been hard.

I feel as though the firm foundation has given way and the sides are slipping.  With each step the ground under me moves away and scramble for the next.  The Lord prepared me for times like this.  He taught me perseverance and trust. He expects me to be victorious and ‘goodness and mercy’ follow me.

I revisited my word for 2014, because I was thinking perhaps I had missed the mark.

SHIFT: S –Stand.  I’m upright, trusting God, knowing that despite what I see, HE IS IN CONTROL and there is no need to buy in to the lie that my firm foundation is gone.  Its not.

H –Higher.  Its true God is taking me to higher places.  I’m in the midst of Biblical Counseling Course and I see my passion and my calling all over this.  In my business God also has higher ground for me to land on.  It takes work to reach the peak and it is often the most difficult right before you make the crest.

I-Internal.  Yep, you can’t see it but I can feel it

F-Fresh Air.  I breath sooooo deeply.  Consciously aware that each breath is a precious gift.

T –Thoughts.  My thoughts are full of fear and uncertainty most of the time, but when those thoughts rear their ugly head, the word of God counters and freedom returns. 

In addition to all of this my teeth are shifting.  Braces.  Funny how I had no idea that this word also meant literal movement….of teeth.Smile

How are you doing at trusting God?  at being moved by Him to new ground?  at knowing beyond all things, God is your only hope and your only true reward? nothing else matters.

When a month or a year slips by you don’t forget that God has this time written in His book.  You can trust that if your eyes are focused on Him, that you are right where you should be, doing just what He intended you to be doing.

May it not be another month before I return to this page, but if it is, know that I am well and God is my King, Lord over everything!

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