I’m on an airplane to Portland on my way to Spokane for a two day show, where I get the opportunity to stand at an 8×10 booth and track down strangers, in order to hopefully sell my business, therefore keeping 33 of us gainfully employed and hopefully more dear souls can be added to the ranks because of this small sacrifice.

“The flight crew will remain seated and all beverage service will be cancelled due to turbulence. Turn your devices to airplane mode and hold onto them tightly”

This is how we started the flight.

I have a Savior, His name is Jesus. He saved me by giving His life on Calvary and claiming victory over death. It is not my righteousness, for I am a disastrous mess with no righteousness of my own, but only the righteousness of my King Jesus that covers me and allows me to stand blameless before God. All my hope is in him.

This post is not about thoughts of suicide or depression but about imparting to you my unwavering faith in Christ and sharing my heart to say that when it is my time, I can now say I am ready to go.

I remember many times when I could have and did hear that same message from the captain of the plane and it set my heart beating so fast and my soul turned from God as my hope, to fear as my lord. I would be fearful for the lives my children would live without a mother, fear of the heartbreak my mother would feel and the disappointment my dad would have in loosing a daughter. How would my husband deal with the loss of his beloved and the puppies…would they ever know where the lady that loved them so went? Fear would take the wheel and peace would flea. I would be prisoner.

It is very bumpy. People are coughing and I see knuckles white from hands clenching the arm rests.

Today, if The Lord would take this plane down, I would be with Him and my family would be ok. For, they are only on this earth for a bit more time and soon we will be in heaven. Praising and worshipping. A time will come when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. If you haven’t done that yet you can be assured your time will come. God is not dead. He is waiting for you to put all trust in Him.

He has all my trust. I said the same thing last year, but this year is different. I have had challenges that have anchored my faith fully in him. I do not fear for the future of my children because HE has their future. I do not fear death because HE has scripted my life. I am ready to leave this world for the place He created for me for all of eternity!

Touch down, leg one over….I shall Live.

Ps…how’s that for the first post in 2 months! All Glory to God…next up “There was no F in my SHIFT”

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