Dear Sisters: Time to Retreat

I was born into a family without sisters, but I was also blessed with many cousins and friends that are my sisters. Women need women to be their sisters.

Tonight, I was laying in bed praying for my sisters. I have an unknown number of sisters that will be joining me at CAMP LUTHERWOOD for the women’s retreat in 30 days, August 1-3. Please note: the pictures promoting the event are not of me…I have aged and I am not the young little whipper snapper that some of you may remember from the early 90’s but do not be fooled by the advertisement. I’m much shorter….

As I was praying for these sisters, I thought of you and how I really want you to join me for this weekend. The Lord is pouring wisdom and truth into my heart about our topic for the weekend and I just really sense that you should join me.

Please don’t let the “camp” word keep you away. This place is amazing. There are cabins and beds and showers and water and good food and open spaces and PEACE. Its just a short jaunt over the mountains, west of Eugene and the cost is so minimal, you just can’t buy an opportunity like this for $100 anymore…don’t let those things stop you from joining me. Tell me if you want to go but have obstacles that you need help overcoming. I’ll help you overcome.

This isn’t about me leading a retreat. This is about you receiving something that He wants my sisters to have. He is creating a story in your life that you are completely unaware of. I think you may have given up on your dreams, I think you think that God doesn’t have great plans for you, I think that perhaps my sisters need to have their hearts and minds refreshed. I know God is giving me a message that you need to hear. I need to hear it, that is why He has chosen such a time as this to gather us together.

Join Me?


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  1. Hi Carol! Please contact Camp Lutherwood for their scholarship process. I’ll inform the director that I’m sending you their way!! Get registered and I will see you there, looking forward to it!!
    Love to you~Tracy

  2. Hello,

    A friend of mine from United Lurheran Church encouraged me and my 18 year old daughter to come to this women’s retreat. She told me that her church was subsidizing the cost so that members could attend for 20.00. She said she would check to see if we could get that rate also. Unfortunately, that offer is for members only. Our church, Central Lurheran Church, was offering a 25% discounted rate for Family Camp and 50% discounted rate for non-members but nothing for this women’s retreat. Is there another avenue you know of to get a discount? My husband has been unemployed since Feb 2012. We opened an in- home care business in January 2013 but it is not profitable yet. We are on the Oregon Health Plan for health insurance fortunately. My daughter who is my youngest is heading off to college next month and this would be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together before she leaves. I look forward to your response.

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