Someone said last week, “You have a blog?”

HaHa, Yep, I have a blog…you wouldn’t know much about that given the last year of only 4 posts in 2018 but I’ve long been a writer!  As a matter of fact since March of 2008, there have been 418 posts published here, 179211 words written, 12690 views of all these words and 31 registered followers of this writing.  What in the world?


I remember starting to write out the matters of my heart because I had too many words filling my mind and I needed a place to put them. Writing is healing to me and allows me to put to paper the musings in my heart so that I can move along to the next ponderings that pester me.  I never really meant for it to be a platform that made a mark in others lives, as much as, just a place to document my own heart.  As I’ve learned over the years, God uses many things to reach His people and if this blog is one of those things, then so be it! But I’ll continue to have my intention be to document the molding of my own heart to that of Christs.

If you’re new here, you’ll soon find out that at the end of each year I seek to hear what WORD will be the theme of the year to come.   I spent some time reflecting on that this week and here are the themes for years past:

2016-The WORD

It is so interesting how each year God uses these points to keep my heart set on Him.  Each year the word holds some miraculous “coincidences” in my life. Like 2015 the word HOME….with no intention at the beginning of the year to EVER move, we moved into our NEW home on Gift Rd on 12/31/2015!  Then in 2016, The WORD of God was my focus, to know it and love it and learn it and low and behold….Grace Women’s retreat 9/2016 was on THE WORD and I was charged to teach others how to study it!  2017 Abide….I was intent on abiding in Christ, thankful that God blessed me and covered me because in March of 2017, Brek’s heart attack required MUCH abiding.  I was prepared!

So what will this year bring?  I had an idea early fall of 2018 what word it would be for 2019 and as I sat on it and prayed, it became clear that indeed I had been given the focus for the new year.  I have steered away from studying in this area because I was waiting for the new year!  I’m excited to share it with you tomorrow.

Let me ask you…what will be your focus in 2019?  Let me offer you 3 ideas:

  1. Know God Better
  2. Love People More
  3. Live for the Eternal

You can’t go wrong with these!

Maybe your new year starts by you ending THIS year well!  Need some scripture to spur you on? Start in Ephesians or Colossians or 1 John!  Or read them all!  They are short, you can read them all before the ball drops!  Set your heart on Him these last few hours of 2018 so that you can start your year well in 2019!

I’ll meet you back here tomorrow where I will Share My Heart for the New Year 2019!

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