I know some of you were longing for a new year! My 2018 was pretty darn good and you’ll no doubt hear about the great ending to my year in the next few weeks but today, today we talk about 2019!


Christ is ALL and IN ALL. Colossians 3:11

That God may be ALL IN ALL. 1 Corinthians 15:28

The fullness of Him who fills ALL IN ALL Ephesians 1:23

One God & Father ALL, who is over ALL, and through ALL and IN ALL. Ephesians 4:6

My heart is set on making these texts the living and abiding influence in my heart and life! A heart set on living for the eternal. A heart that doesn’t get easily entangled in the worlds angst but one that lives and breaths for the ALL IN ALL of God! You may not yet be amazed at the gift of Christ. But follow me and I’ll lead you to this Jesus and together we will be joint-heirs with Him! My prayer is that for YOU, Christ may be ALL you need, Christ may fill you ALL, and that in ALL you say and do and are, God may be ALL IN ALL!

The beauty of Christ is that He makes no distinction between who may call upon His name. There is no Jew or Greek, no Duck or Beaver, no black or white, no rich or poor, no skinny or fat, no perfect or flawed, no weak or strong…no category of where you need to fit, no prerequisite to come to him…except the need to be saved from death! You must have Christ as your Savior and you must rest in Him alone or you cannot be saved! For CHRIST IS ALL! All positions or condition of men and women are put on a level before Christ in this life. This gospel comes to you freely with a message that needs no special degree, costs you nothing, requires no rank or position…because Christ is ALL! You must not add anything to Christ for your ground of confidence. To the person who is saved Christ is all their trust!

When trust is rooted solely in Christ. He is IN ALL his people. When you are saved Christ is in you! So now, we each with our individuality are filled with the fullness of Christ and He shines in each of us a fresh individual image of God. We become a copy of Christ! If you can’t enter heaven unless you are like Christ. How can you be like Christ unless He Himself makes you that way! TRUST and ABIDE in Him! We can then live out Colossians 3:17 with confidence, “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him”. For then everything we do we do as if Christ, Himself, were doing it, because we do it in Christ’s name and by Christ’s power!

Ok, I’m gonna pause right here and let that sink in! Tomorrow, I plan to go off on GOD being ALL IN ALL….over all…through all….and in all!

Until then, rest in Christ being ALL you need for 2019! You really don’t need more money, or less fat, or a better job, or a spouse…You need a savior and His name is Jesus! Let 2019 be the year you let Him be ALL IN ALL!

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