I was on here this morning printing off the blogs about All In ALL because I’m in the process of preparing for a women’s brunch at our church where we will explore the Attributes of God that shape our worship and should be the framework of our lives, and I noticed that its MARCH. It’s actually the END of March and I’ve neglected to write to you since the end of January.

Want a sweet little update?


Isn’t that just the cutest little distraction?  New life is one of the most spectacular things to behold.  Watching little people grow and thrive is miraculous!  Smiles and cries and struggles and joys all reflected in a this new person created in the image of God.  It amazes me and intrigues me and makes me BEHOLD God more than any other thing!

Speaking of LIFE…..My dear husband is coming up to his 2nd year of life after death.  We find ourselves rejoicing EACH day in his life and in the blessings God has given us, simply by the opportunity to breath another day! You can read his story HERE.  I confess that as I re-read this today, tears filled my eyes and I was, for a moment, transported back to that day.  Afraid and desperate.  I wrote that blog “To remember and rejoice.  To cry and to laugh.  To be a marker of where I have been and where I am going!”  This day and the days following transformed our lives.  May it ever be a reminder that GOD is sovereign, that He holds our breath and allows us to live or to die, and that there is nothing more important than our Faith in the one true God and the community we surround ourselves with!

I will go back to preparing the message God has been teaching me to share with the women at our church on April 6th.  Yes, I’ll share the highlights on here too, but in the meantime do yourself a favor and sit for a moment in thankfulness for all the things you are able to be thankful for: life, sun, breath, tacos, family, friends, laughter, new seasons.

Now take a moment to be in awe of a God that CHOSE to create you and CHOSE to give you today to live and CHOSE to be in relationship with you.  This is the only thing that truly matters in your life today.  Seek Him FIRST!



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