Its May next week! I admit that much of my writing is in my head and hasn’t gotten out on paper. This could be why my husband asks me why I’m being so quiet…It’s probably because I’m drowning in the words in my mind and heart.  So here ya go….

In my last post I mentioned that I’d be sharing at our women’s brunch.  It went well, although I have enough notes on this subject for it to be a weekend retreat (any takers?), so its possible the ladies are still treading water from the overflow of information I showered on them.

I’ll give you some highlights:

Infinite(unmeasurable), Incomprehensible, Self-existent, Self-sufficient, Eternal, Immutable-unchanging, Omnipresent -Present everywhere, Omniscient -All Knowing, Omnipotent – All powerful, Soverign – Supreme authority and power

This is our God!  Only HE has these characteristics.  Yes we are made in His image but no we are not like him in all ways.  He alone exhibits these attributes and because of that we should be in AWE.  Who HE is should drive our worship and shape our lives!

You will be in awe of something!  If its not the God of all Creation, it is something that will eventually disappoint.  IF ITS NOT GOD, then you will value things, others, you name it you will worship it and you will NEVER BE SATISFIED. You will be without hope, you will be unfulfilled, you will be anxious, you will be depressed, you will be let down!  ALWAYS LONGING FOR MORE.

Think of your highest joy or your deepest sorrow and that is probably where you place your worship.  When your awe is misplaced you feel Alone, unable to cope, unprepared and afraid, timid, anxious, defeated, struggling….but AWE of GOD, Knowing and believing HIS character produces courage, hope and purpose.

When we KNOW who God really is, when our hearts are captivated by the stunning glory and the unchangeability of God, when we are living in conscious awe of Him we have no need to look so desperately hard for LIFE day after day!  The Awe of GOD is our life!

So, I challenged the ladies and I’ll challenge YOU.  Make the Awe of God the driving force of all you think, say and do.  Let it be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think on at night!  Make your decisions only after you filter them through GOD and HIS GLORY.  I promise you, this will make all the difference in your living and breathing!

How?  Read scripture!  This is the one tool you don’t use enough.  Open your bible

Secondly, read these two books, they are the basis for much of what I shared at this brunch and possibly even some quotes I’ve used here in this blog.  “Awe: Why it matters for everything we think say & do” by Paul David Tripp and “None Like Him” by Jen Wilkin (its ok to read this even if your a man).

Lastly, when life comes at you full speed and you think perhaps your being pummeled from all directions and its possible even that God is making a modern day Job out of you…take a deep breath.  Remember that God’s ways are higher then your ways and because he knows all things, because he is not confined by time but is in the past present and future simultaneously, because he is infinitely loving and merciful, because He is all powerful and carries all authority….you can rest in knowing that HE’s got this because he is the author and perfecter of YOU!  My new prayer/mantra/whatever you want to call it is:

God, I don’t get whats happening here but if you allowed it, so be it, lets do it!

And then I go about life making the next right choice and trusting my Creator!






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