Back in 1621, the pilgrims had a bountiful harvest in the new world and so they created a feast with the Native Americans.  According to Wikipedia, 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims partied for 3 days!  They were THANKFUL!


But how about you?  Why do you celebrate?  Why do you drive hours in the snow or fly thousands of miles across the US or spend hours in the kitchen or overindulge or whatever it is that you do…why?  Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

To give thanks is a long standing practice in MANY cultures.  imagesGiving thanks takes your focus off of the struggle, it acknowledges the good and it directs your spirit to rest.

For me Thanksgiving is about family and food and stopping the normal activity to trade it for festivity. Over the years the gathering has looked different but every year I take a moment to breath in the satisfaction that life has offered, the trust I have in the Creator who offers it and the hope of a world to come where there is no more suffering.  I remember the Savior and I am thankful.


Then, I knead the bread, whip the potatoes, pour the festive drink, play the cards and watch the football.  Sometimes with LOTS of people and sometimes with few.  No matter the gather my heart is full and my focus is in the right place.

This year we gather with my sweet daughter who is back from college for the week and my rowdy brother who is a good friend to our family!  Oh and of course the dogs, Buddy, Dungee and Piper.  I anticipate laughs, I anticipate DIP, I anticipate full bellies and I hope for thankfulness.

As you gather, would you take a moment to take an accounting of what you can be thankful for?  I know some of you are dealing with some real deep, discouraging things. Chronic Pain, Financial hardship, broken relationship, loneliness, despair…you name it I know someone who is in it! But did you know that it is not the happy and content people that are Thankful?  It is truly the Thankful that are Happy.

images (1)So, take a deep breath, account for that which you are thankful, dig deep to find the things with which you can rejoice and then find contentment and embrace happy.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

PS…Dad, the neck is simmering on the stove, wish you were here.  Love you!

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  1. Poor dad….I think this might be the first time in our married life that there isn’t the smell of turkey in the oven or the neck simmering on the stove for dad. Think I know what we will be having for Christmas this year. Love your writing Tracy. Thankful!

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