A young woman sat on the edge of the pool as her husband asked her if she wanted more of the pool or more of the sky in the picture. I looked around to see her posing next to me, head back, legs lifted to look like they were floating on the water, as she directed him to the perfect frame for her picture.  All around me there are selfies going on!  When you don’t have your phone you sure do realize the world around you sucked into theirs.

I’ve let my phone go for the week. I’ve promised to check in once a day with the important people…children, parents, bro, employees…but I’m depending upon my girlfriends to snap the right pictures and capture the best moments for me. It’s been an amazing journey away from social media and addiction to my phone. Yep, I said it …phone addiction. It’s partly because I’m a business owner and I’ve given of my self to many others that are in need of more then one hour a week of support and guidance. As I said the other day about Gaga, I really mean about women that God brings into my life! I’m available and I’m for them! But to be without the phone this week has been beautiful and very telling.

On my way to the loo, I passed by a seemingly well to do individual, covered in a towel to shade the sun from his phone so he could “surf”, while completely avoiding the beauty of the true surf! One pair of ladies sat on the pool wall with their derrieres hanging over the edge, hiking their suits up to kingdom come and turning to look over their shoulder while another scantly clothed girl snapped a pick.  For the Love….🤦‍♀️

We use the phone to fill a gap, to create an alter universe that feeds our idols and complete our poor attempts at contentment. I’m not all to sure as to what these devices do to fulfill what we want or distract from what we know to be so desperately true, but what ever it is we are sucked into an abyss that will not bring contentment and will lead you to a desperate existence that ends in empty disappointment.

Everywhere I look a star is being born. Mostly, ladies, although there was a group of Italian men, that are creating and snapping pics of the stars they bore out of their phones. Through imagination and pomp and circumstance they shine bright in the lenses of there devices. Creating the perfect frame, the best pose, and then photo shopping the rest.

Ya know what I think, all of this leads to death. Dramatic, I know, but indeed you are headed there and so am I…whether you snap the pic with your phone or make an idol of your hopes…you will find your self wanting and headed toward an end that doesn’t last. How about you follow me to the King, the ONE who wrote your story, the ONE who named you and called you? How about you let Him be your audience and let your own self-centered view go to the wayside?

It’s true ‘A Star Is Born’ but that star is only valuable because of His sacrifice for you. You will only be worth anything because of Him. So give up the selfies and stop grasping for the limelight, turn off your phones and allow yourself to be real. You are enough and you are beautiful, because HE made you so , not because of your filter or the frame you choose.

Be born a star because of HIM.

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  1. Hi sweetie, glad you are having such a wonderful time. You deserve to have that freedom from your phone.
    I am reading my two devotional books this morning Jesus is calling and God is calling. I love the books, makes one stop and think about how we communicate. I realize technology is a wonderful advancement in our day and age. However, I can’t help but wonder how God would feel about Facebook, tweeter and all the rest of the ways people communicate.
    Just me over thinking probable.
    I somehow missed the previous blog on Lady Gaga. I will go back and read your blog.
    I love your pictures and your writings of your adventure.
    I love you Tracy!! Stay safe and have a wonderful adventure.
    Aunt Kathi🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🌹

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