….you’re not in control🤦‍♀️

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7 

I actually think chariots and horses seem a little less trustworthy then the things of this world than I choose to trust in but I’ll go with this for a bit.  Here in Psalm 20 we have a group of people with the Lord as Commander-in-Chief over the anointed king-general and all the soldiers going into war.  So, in contrast to current day war counsels, these people gathered with the Lord in prayer before and after battles. They offered prayers, confirmed their confidence in God as their victor and reaffirmed their dependence to Him alone.  The people placed their hope that the Lord himself would uphold and sustain their efforts and be powerfully present throughout the war.  In this Psalm, the people are declaring that some warriors trust in their transportation and their weapons to gain victory but WE, GODS PEOPLE, TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Well, I’m not in a war battle with horses and chariots.  But I often try to trust in the things of this world to win the battle for me and for those I love.  Work harder, save more, make more, keep your house orderly, spend less, drive less, eat less, exercise more, get stronger, don’t give up…

These are the mantra’s that go through my mind when life gets tough and the battle is raging. Its not that they, in and of themselves, are bad mantra’s. But I have almost always defaulted to trusting in horses and chariots FIRST, then going to the Lord Commander in Trust.


Fortunately, unfortunately, I’ve been given the opportunity to TRUST GOD right out of the gates this year.  I’ve been given a few circumstances that have brought me to a place where anxiety rages, my mind reels and my stomach turns.  So, I’m in a battle to turn from the “WHAT SHOULD I/WE DO TO FIX THIS” toward “We/I TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD OUR GOD”.

Sure, in the past I eventually got there…to the I TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD part but it was always through the “WHAT AM I GONNA DO” swamp first.  God is training me to go to I TRUST FIRST and ya know what I’m finding out…..the swamp seems dryer and less boggy!

So yes, the problem with trust is that you’re not in control.  But the beauty of trust is also the same, you are not in control.  There is a freedom and comfort that comes with faith and trust in the GOD of the universe, the Lord of all, the Giver of Life and the Giver of ALL GOOD THINGS.  How about we all take a moment to TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD today?

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

**Take a Listen** 

Let this be our prayer today and all days!


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  1. This is the day! To turn to the Lord for his guidance in 2020! This came at just the right time for me. So very thankful that I will no longer be facing the tough times alone.

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