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I return back to this blog today after 5 months of weirdness.  Things are still weird but I’ve settled into it a little better now.    This corona-virus thing has really got the world turned upside down doesn’t it?  How about you?  How are you surviving? Has this shut-down revealed some fear or worry in your heart that perhaps you didn’t know about?  What are you doing to cope?

I’m so thankful my word of the  year is TRUST and specifically TRUST GOD.Yes, there is the pandemic scare which is prime material to learn to trust God through but more then that there are kids at college, lost jobs, grandchildren, kids home from college, and other miscellaneous fodder that is prime for the taking to feed my worry idol…

I’ve actually learned a lot about my worry idol in the last 5 months.  Using God’s word through this FANTASTIC READING PLAN has kept my attention and will definitely get me to the finish line of reading through the bible in a year.  Did you know the Bible is integral to your sanctification process?  Sure you can just skate along in the christian life and check the boxes of “I Believe” and church attendance, but there is so much more for you.  If you are ready to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus, give me a jingle and I’d be happy to counsel you toward that.

Other books that have been helpful for me is “Trusting God” by Jerry Bridges and “Mindscape: What to think about instead of worry” by Timothy Z. Witmer.  I’m actually just reading one chapter at a time in both of these books and letting the truth sink in.  Its been powerful!

Anyhow, I’ve found some freedom from worry and have really settled into a fantastic partnership with God Himself.  Learning to live life for HIM alone.  Learning to ensure my words, actions, choices, are are for HIM alone.  Learning to remember to ask myself “what are you thinking right now and how can you change that to reflect TRUST in GOD rather then fear or worry”, has been integral.  It really has been a journey of applying Ephesians 4:22-24, putting on the new by being renewed in the spirit of my mind.

image0 (1)Isn’t this true…The time we spend in fear and worry just steals from us.  Luke 12:25 says “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”  NONE OF YOU.  Worry really does no good at all.  So, if by chance you find yourself tending toward worry during this time of uncertainty, I challenge you to reconsider what you do with  your time, mind and emotions.  If you need help determining how to break free form a rut, send me a message and I’d be happy to chat with you about it!

That’s all for today, just wanted to give you and update and send you some encouragement toward doing something else with your time and mind during the pandemic.  Seek Christ!  Read the Word! Be at Peace!


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