Offense vs. Miracle

The Faith of the Canaanite Woman

Read Matthew 15:21-28 with fresh eyes and a new heart…Do you see it?  This woman was ignored by Jesus when he didn’t answer her, he rejected her when he said he only came for others, and he insulted her by calling her a dog!!!!  Most of us would default to taking offense, repeating the words over and over again in our minds, justifying why we have a right to be upset and solidifying the lie in our soul! 

This woman, what a woman of faith, what a woman of perseverance, what a woman that was resolved not to let go.  She so wanted a miracle for her daughter that she would not be turned away by being ignored, rejected and insulted.  She knew what was just revealed to me.  If we become offended we forfeit a miracle, we miss out on God’s blessing.  It is OUR faith in our GOD that will open the flood gates of heaven.  Will we be offended and loose the miracle or will we persevere and WAIT to receive the miracle?

Right now I lay aside offense and say YES and AMEN to the miracle God has.  It often times won’t come in the form we expect or even in the timing we want but it will come!  It did for this woman, at that very hour her daughter was healed.  At that very hour.  At this very hour I lay down the offense and wait for the miracle.  I don’t care if it is 1 or 100, just open the flood gates and bring A miracle.  I will wait expectantly.

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