What mountains have you moved?

Do tell!  We all need to know.  We need to know because we need our faith to be built up!  Tell us, tell us.

I’ll tell you, the mountain moved in my life was HUGE.  It seemed like it would never move.  My marriage was so very broken, so broken there were pieces that could not be found.  The world would have said give up, there was no hope.  But my GOD said “you stay on your knees, I am a mountain mover and with your faith we will move this mountain and I will restore your marriage.”  In my mind I was happy to settle with a smaller mountain, one that was more manageable, one I could live with.  And so was my ‘itty-bitty’ faith that God used to move the mountain.  IT MOVED!  IT RUMBLED!!  IT IS TORN DOWN!!  and replaced with green pastures.  God moved the mountain and restored my marriage back to what HE intended it to be.  It is beyond my hopes and dreams!  I’m not saying it is perfect, we are not perfect people.  But I am saying that the Mountain has been moved and God is FAITHFUL to restore!

What Mountain have you by FAITH moved?

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  1. WOW!!!! Thank you for testifying to God’s power in your life! He does move mountains, He moved yours, He moved mine and He will move again!

  2. The other day I met a 10 year old boy who proudly pulled a stick out of his pocket that he had whittled with his pocket knife. He enjoyed showing his work and telling this stranger all about it. It took me back…

    I grew up in a home of inconsistent rules and expectations largely run by a stressed out Mom. I believed myself to be bad, unloved and unlovable. At 11, I distinctly recall standing outside by the burn pile scratching my wrists with a pocket knife in self loathing, knowing God, but not comprehending how he could desire to know me. I saved money to run away, but hung on until out of High School and off to college. I tolerated being home for holidays, but really didn’t have a relationship with my parents.

    Years later, God placed it in my heart to pursue a relationship with the only earthly parents I have. He moved me back to Bend with the promise to RESTORE the relationship with my family. I came with a tentative hope. It felt like a leap of futility.

    I have learned to give hugs and hug them when they don’t know how. I appreciate the years they spent providing for me and doing the best that they could with the knowledge and tools that they had. God has freed me from bitterness and softened the loss of what I wish I had been given. I pray for them. I can honestly say that I love them both and want to see them in eternity.

    I have largely worked through “my stuff”, but more importantly I am now assured of my position in Christ as a child of the King! I am grateful for any open doors that allow me to share of God’s love with my family.

    YES, GOD is big enough to move mountains!!!

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