6 words~Don’t wear flip-flops shopping, get tendonitis

Yes, Six little words that tell it all!  That’s how my weekend was.  I left Friday for Portland, with three other women, prepared only with: chips, salsa, chocolate, my own pillow, down comforter, good company, and cute shoes!  I left being changed by a dynamic speaker, Beth Moore, experiencing GOD DROP right into my very core and came home withTendonitis. 

Beth Moore taught us with multiple 6 word phrases that summed up everything into one objective that Christ Jesus be formed in ME! 

Objective:  Ego Crucified.  Christ Formed in me.

Obstacle:  My Life.  My Way.  That’s it.

She asked us to write multiple other 6 words that sum up our current life and our life that God has for us.  Here are some of mine:

Leave it Behind, Live to Worship

Be who you are, I AM

Together we will, Take courage daughter

Give it up, I AM enough

Christ in me, I live well

Don’t wear flip-flops shopping get tendonitis


Yes, apparently God is moving some BIG furniture around in my living room.  I came to a deeper understanding that I have CHRIST IN ME, the power to do ALL I can’t!  We are meant to live above our circumstances and although I’ve always know this I better understand what it means.  It means being moved by the question:  What would happen if you could be trusted for the FULL power of God in your life?

Galations 5:16-18 in the message bible is brilliant

“…live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit – Then you won’t feed the compulsions of selfishness”


P.S.  oh yes, tendonitis…..apparently wearing flip-flops, walking miles to a 3 story shopping mall and then shopping for 3 hours can cause damage!  Be careful out there ladies!!!!  It almost stopped me from being able to hit the Banana Republic 40% off store wide sale at the outlet malls!  Be careful I say!

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