Time flies when your on your knees!

HI!  Where have you been?  10 week and 4 days since we last spoke.  Let me give you a little update….

The 1111 thing is still happening, it is a reminder to me that I just need to be trusting that God has everything in His hands, the beginning and the end, ALL knowing, ALL caring, ALL in control:)

Good thing huh?  Cause honestly, I’ve been needing a God who is all that! As you’ve noticed, this blogging has been hit and miss lately(mostly miss) and that’s purposeful.  I really have been trying not to get entangled in my ‘circumstances’ but remain humbly in the presence of sweet Jesus.

I made a decision to battle being pulled into the pit by my circumstances and be an overcomer.  The only way I could figure out how to do that was to be down on my knees in prayer or up in the heavenley’s through worship.  I got myself some knee pads and glued my I-Pod to my ears. 


It worked.  10 weeks and 4 days later I’m not in a pit.  I’m writing you:)  Yeah God!

Honestly, time really does fly when your on your knees.  Focusing on the creator of all things, the savior of my soul….just clears the mind and puts a cover of protection over you when you need it the most!  You think I wouldn’t be so surprised by this phenomenon,  I’ve done it enough times to know it works.  But each time, I am blown away at God’s provision through prayer and worship.  Each time I am taken aback that my God loved me enough to send His son to die for my sins and give me eternal life.  Each time I am amazed that my God actually cares enough about my day to day sorrows that he takes them away and replaces it with the Joy of salvation.  Each time I am in awe of the only One honored to receive all Glory, the one who calls me friend.

I love you all for waiting patiently for me to get off my knees and back to blog world.  I am back, but sadly I’ll be leaving again…..stay tuned to hear where I’m going!


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  1. From one (1:) overcomer to another~so glad we serve HIM who IS all that.
    so glad you are back. so glad you have implemented choices that have kept you from the pit. and so glad we are friends.

    so glad you are seeing the Glory List and so glad you are getting away to spend time with Him. We know He will meet you there, hold you in His lap and comfort your precious spirit.
    Love ya Francis Tracy~

    oooo~~~and we gal pals will try not to have too much ‘practice’ fun while you are gone.

  2. 3 things:

    1st- I love it when you blog~kinda like opening a Christmas Card. Points me to an eternal perspective.

    2nd- Don’t get off of your knees!

    (2.5th – the knee pads explain the knobby knees of late~ kidding, kidding, kidding)

    3rd- Having an ALL God perspective minimizes my stuff to look easily manageable by God. I’ll admit that my stuff may still look big, but it’s just circumstance puffed up in an Incredible Hulk suit and not to big for my God. I needed the reminder.

    Thanks for sharing your heart today. Now get out there and set off some fireworks 🙂

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