The Bridge

Life brings with it many choices, turns, changes, challenges…

She said to me, “You are crossing a bridge but you are afraid that what you are leaving behind will follow you.  God says do  not fear, I have cleared the way and I will be your rear guard.  You do not need to fear that what you are leaving behind will follow you.

It is true, I’m on the bridge walking across it but as I look back I see things that I don’t want to follow me.  Things I want to leave behind forever, things that I know God would not have for me.  As a matter of fact, I believe God has walked before me on this very bridge and has prepared for me great things on the other side.  I believe goodness and mercy will follow me and I will forever dwell in the house of my Great King.(I stole that last sentence from a song).

I see glimmers of what is on the other side and the excitement of getting there is more powerful than the fear that holds me back. 

I pray as the winds of fall breeze through and change the season, that the wind of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide me, to direct me, to beckon me and to blow away all fear.

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  1. This was very moving and I am sure applies to so many people’s situation. It applies to one of mine as well. God bless you Tracy.

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