The Sun Still Shines

Grey gloomy day yesterday. Windy, rain and fog forecasted for my final destination. Prepared for a bumpy flight and storm and rain upon exiting the cabin. Then as if I had no knowledge of such glory, breaking through the clouds…the sun was shining. Up, up, up we climbed until finally floating gracefully above the clouds, where the sun still shines.

Do you remember that when the clouds have bogged you in, when the rain or snow is falling, when the windy is swirling around, that on the other side of that gloom, the sun still shines?

As I sat, childlike, staring out the window, in awe and remembrance, that the sun is always up here on the other side of the storm. I was reminded that the Son is on the other side of our storms of life as well!

The only difference is that instead of boarding a plane and climbing toward the heavens to find the sun, we simply need to drop to our knees and heaven comes down to us. Its proven true, always, that on the other side of life’s storms is the Son, waiting for us to meet Him. Waiting for us to surrender, waiting to give us hope, to lend us courage and to lead you through:)

Remembering the Son still shines, even when….


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