1993—God gave me a dream of Africa.  I wasn’t sure what it meant, surely I wasn’t going to really go to Africa.  So I chalked it up to…God has something “big” planned for me.  I responded by saying “Yes, Lord”

2009—Got my passport

Tonight—Missions night at my church.  The dream was awakened.  I responded by saying “Here I am Lord, send me”


Westside Church has hosted over 300 Botswana government and social service officials.  They have been visiting our church over the past years to hear about what we are doing to reach our community.  These are not necessarily believers in Jesus Christ but they are definitely believers in community and changing their country.  I could sign up for a little of that myself.  Sometimes, its just good to say “What can I do for you” without having a bunch of spiritual, evangelistic pomp and circumstance behind the question.  Can’t we just love others and trust God to do the rest? 

I don’t know when I’ll be leaving on my plane to Botswana, or even if I’ll ever have the opportunity to go, but I do know that I will be partnering with those that do.   Like this delightful young missionary…..Jenna Javens or This couple.  These are the ones I’ll pray for, the ones I’ll support, the ones I just may visit someday.

Whether Bend or Botswana…..God has called me to an ‘Africa’ and I say “Yes, Lord”

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