Happy 4th of July!

2 years ago today I pretty much knew that the guy I had just met the night before was going be in my life until death parted us. 


And now here we are together doing life and enjoying every minute of it.  It is amazing to me how God has weaved my life together in such a tapestry that I can barely stand to think about what the finished product will look like.

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Until the day of completion comes I will celebrate the parts that make the whole.  Things that bring joy to our lives and things that stretch us.  Both are so important.  We cant be complete in the good work that God has started without both joy and hardship.  Back on this day in 1776 those people knew hardship and joy.  They had fought the good fight and established a good thing and now we celebrate our independence 236 years later!!


photo (3)

are what we are going to celebrate with!  This is one of the most wonderful things about today and for me the wonder just sparked me last year.  The freedom I witnessed as my son lit fireworks for the first time was amazing.  That boy is something else.  I see a man of courage and tenacity in him and the work that God is doing in his heart brings chill bumps to my arms as I begin to imagine the good things that will be in his completion plan.  Did I mention the boy has fallen in love with Allistair Begg sermons?  Everyday he listens and journals and we all know that God’s word does not return void!  Hold on to your hats I tell ya, this is going to be an incredible 5 years as we see the boy turn into a man!

A man like this I hope:

photo (4)

Don’t you love a daddy that will push you on the cart while sitting on the new Traeger Grill?  These two celebrated yesterday.  You should have seen the mischievous look in the little girls eyes when she carefully climbed on top and looked at the man to see if there would be objection.  No objection…she smiled and took the ride of her life. Relationship being built before my very eyes.

And the love affair that started between my man and this..

photo (5)

OH my does his eye sparkle when he looks at it.  We have chicken prepared for tonight’s feast and fresh veggies to smoke. 

This day I celebrate it all. Our country’s independence, our family’s love, our Father’s Glory.  I love the wonder of seeing my family grow and I relish the joy that each person expresses in their own way.  I just sit here content and pleased and peaceful knowing that the completion of the good work continues. 

Oh and lest we forget pray for this little one:

piperphoto (7)

She much prefers a quiet cup of coffee to the boom of fire worksSmile

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  1. The work that has been created in Him continues on in our families as we believe. I am filled with His love as I hear your Joy, Tracy.

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