he was wrong, but He wasn’t

he used to tell me that conflict would follow me wherever I went, that I couldn’t run from it.  he said it was my stubbornness and incessant nagging that made it so bad.  he said I just couldn’t let it go.

what?  is that true? I asked the woman who had been mentoring me over the past 6 years.  no, Tracy, I don’t believe that to be your character but more importantly what do you believe is true about yourself, who has God made you to be?

he was wrong.

about 4 years ago I began to believe the truth about who I was, I stopped listening to the lies and I grew strong enough to trust myself and trust God. Eventually, I walked gracefully away, a little worried that maybe I wasn’t strong enough, a little concerned that my 8 year old girl and my 11 year old boy would be ruined forever, and a lot sure that I had put all my hope in Jesus who would lead me by still waters and make me lie down in green pastures.

Today, life is extraordinarily normal. Extraordinary means beyond what is usual, highly exceptional, remarkable, EXTREMELY.  He(my God) wasn’t wrong, I was strong enough, my now 11 year old girl and my soon to be 14 year old boy are thriving and my hope in Jesus prevailed.  Conflict didn’t follow us.  Consistency did, peace did, mercy and goodness followed. 

As we unpacked from a normal weekend camping, I realized that we are just living an extraordinarily normal life.  The usual ‘issues’ in relationship can arise and they can be put to rest just a quickly and quietly as they came.  Kids and parents can come nose to nose and then leave with a hug and a wink.  Spouses can discuss things and work together and create the life they want to live with ease.  It takes a little love and a sprinkle of patience and a whole lot of extraordinary normalness.

Laying in green pastures, near still waters….blessed

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