Book Review: Love Does by Bob Goff

I rarely write book reviews(never) and I have never wrtitten one in the middle of a book. I’m compelled to tell you to go buy this book immediately.



It is a whimsical read that will keep your interest with each chapter. Anxiously awaiting the tails that are around the bend. But more importantly at the end of each chapter you will be pushed to the edge of yourself and determined to tangibly do love.

Don’t waste your life! This is what our pastor told us a couple weeks ago. I had my daughter create a masterpiece sign, in the way only she can, that holds these words boldly on our refrigerator!

These are words that are on my phone and words I remember throughout the day. Don’t waste your life!

Seriously, life is a delicate thing, threatening to be lost around every corner. We take it for granted almost every moment and yet we are at risk of loosing it with every breath we take and every decision we make. Life a precious commodity. Are you wasting yours?

Not wasting life + doing love= radical

The way I look at life, the way I live life, the choices I make, the things I do are changed. How I think, How I breath, How I worship, How I love…all different just because I’m not going to waste my life and I’m going to DO love instead of just have it hang around in my heart.

interesting isn’t it?

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