Tendency to pursue ideals

I was born with it, I’m not sure how else to explain it away. My lack of realism. I’m an idealist.

belief in or pursuance of ideals; the tendency to represent things in their ideal forms, rather then as they are.

I disagree with the ‘rather then as as they are’ portion of this definition, probably because I’m full of idealism, but I’m anchored in it. Idealist believe that things really are and can be the ultimate best. Some think its ridiculous to believe the best case scenario about each and every situation. Some prefer to be ‘realistic’ or ‘pessimistic’ or ‘synicalistic’.

Its been this way since I can remember. The little girl that just knew she’d become an Olympic Gymnast, the high school student that was assured she be driving a white convertible VW Rabbit as she pursued her studies in mathematical science at UC Berkley, the 20 year old that would assist in building the #1 outdoor ministry in the Lutheran Church, the young woman who believed the best marriages come from just love…all character flaws will magically disappear along with alcoholism, if you just love them enough!

You know the girl I’m talking about, I’m sure you have someone in your life that lives with the lofty ideals of success and that each avenue you choose to travel will totally work and ‘you can do it’! If you are a realist, this person drives you nuts in ways you can’t explain fully. I know this because this is the ONE area that my husband and I are a bit different on. It’s just as annoying, I mean challenging, for an idealist to discuss life with a realist. But I love you honey:)

My dad is a realist too, so I’ve learned the art of only speaking so strongly about my idealistic views, as to ensure the realist that their is hope and it really could happen, but then keep my overwhelming exuberance of the only option will end with the ultimate result, undoubting success and firework celebrations at the end!

Realist believe you are setting yourself up for failure and deep disappointment but you see the idealist doesn’t work this way. None of the idealistic dreams the girl had were fulfilled. They all sunk like a battleship but she was no worse off because of it. She continues to believe the big things and fight for the best and know that it really CAN happen. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way she has the tendency to pursue ideals….and probably always will.

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  1. I figure if you don’t go for it, how would you ever determine if you can achieve whatever life has in store for you. So what if it’s in the middle of rush hour and you want to get from one end of LA to the other end. Who knows – things just might move along without a hitch. And if they don’t just sit back and enjoy all the chrome bumpers ahead of you. Yep…..you’re your mothers daughter 🙂

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