a few of my favorite things

I was driving along today in the normal course of life and looked around me….oh the beauty.  It was a beautiful day in Central Oregon and it got me singing my own version of ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”  It went something like this…


Blue sky in autumn and bright colored trees

yellow and orange and bright evergreens

white mountain tops and cool fall breeze

…these are a few of my favorite things!


Thinking about the things that bring you joy, makes you joyful and turns your perspective to that which matters most in life.  Finding the WONDER in the small things of life, in the mundane is what transforms life from normal to incredible. 

I think this is why I’m drawn to children.  I love their innocence and how everything is new and limitless and exciting to them.

We were watching the last middle school volleyball game this week and the bleachers were filled with little kids from the afterschool program.  The concession stands were open and many people had bags of popcorn but these little ones had no parent to provide them with the sacred quarter that would give them a bag, so they searched the stands for a quarter that may have been left behind. 

My dear husband took 3 quarters and began to strategically rain down magic into these little’s ones lives.  One quarter landed magically next to a little girl and spun to a stop next to her.  She was amazed at the miracle.  Another boy heard a drop behind him and screeched that he found a quarter.  The last little girl who had been searching each row tirelessly came upon the quarter that was placed on the floor just in front of us.  She knew she would find one if she looked hard enough, she had incredible faith and when she came across this shiny silver coin she was ecstatic. 

Sheer joy!

Favorite things….

Hugs from my husband and kisses from my kids

calls from my mommma and Tupperware with lids

warm sun on my face and my pups, piper and syd

Make a list today of your favorite things….add to it each day and discover the wonder of life and the joy of each day!  Expect the unexpected and live with purpose!

I also love warm blankets from the dryer, a warm blazing fire.  Candles aglow and a fresh lawn mowed.  Dad’s popcorn, with salt and butter.  oh and I love Jesus, unlike any other.

Be blessed…..

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