5 things to do before you say I do

I’ve been asked by a handful of single ladies…How did it all work out for you?  I myself am amazed that my family is somehow healthy and well adjusted and happy.  I didn’t know such a relationship existed but I found it and I’m here to share with those of you that are interested, 5 things to do before you say I do.  In my opinion, these are crucial to finding Mr. Wonderful

Yesterday I shared the first step

 1) Spend a minimum of one year with a therapist, life coach, counselor.

2)  Date to find a life partner, not just to have fun

Fine..have fun but if you want to find your husband you have to date with different eyes and with a different focus.  The focus has to be on WHO he is and WHO you are WITH him.  My husband and I dated as if we were interviewing for a job.  Seriously, we found each other, took some time to determine if our core values were the same, and since we thought the other one was ‘cute’ we determined to Date on Purpose.  We spent 5 days going over 3 books of ‘engagement’ and ‘marriage’ questions.  We interviewed each other. It wasn’t so formal, we took the books with us as we traveled around, sat in parks, enjoyed beautiful views, ate wonderful food and talked.  We learned a lot and with each question we got closer to uncovering the mysteries of the other person.


I understand that this is very unconventional and many of you probably stopped with step #1, but if you are looking for more then just a date, more then just a boyfriend and you want to be sure that you found a good guy, take time to KNOW the details of his character, spirit and mind. You wont’ be disappointed.

How do you get HIM to agree to this process?  If you are dating a man who is interested in finding a good wife, he’ll agree that you need to Date on Purpose.  He’ll know that uncovering the treasure that you are is valuable.  If he is looking for a life partner he’ll be tired of ‘dating for the sake of dating’ and he’ll be serious about finding Mrs. Wonderful.

I’ll let you sit with those for today, tomorrow #3 and #4…..

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