Thanksgiving–Part 1

This weekend we begin our WEEK of thanksgiving.  We’ll spend the next 7 days being thankful.  It starts today as we prepare for our Paul Family Thanksgiving gathering.  We missed out on it last year but this year we are up here preparing to spend some time being thankful together.  Here is my thankfulness list for the day:

  • My husband loves to work in the kitchen with me.
  • The pies are all done.  We made pumpkin pie and berry cobbler and wonderful dark chocolate, coconut clusters.  I also made a gluten free/dairy free pumpkin pie and I can barely contain my excitement for this!
  • The dogs have their holiday haircuts.  They look like little stuffed animals.
  • My kids are growing up before my eyes and I’m amazed at the little things I’m seeing develop.
  • My daughter didn’t like the answer she was given about something at school and when I opened my computer this morning, I saw about 6 windows opened about the subject.  She was researching and gather the facts.  (I hope I’m creating a monster!).
  • My son is taller then me and is more of a man then a little boy and I am proud of him.
  • My in-laws are peaceful and full of joy and hospitality.  They have opened their house to us, all of us, 2 kids, and our 2 dogs!
  • The turkey is on the Traeger Grill!  Yum!
  • My husband’s brothers family is coming today.  Three of them were at our wedding but I have yet to meet their 2 oldest kids.  I love meeting new people, especially when they are family!
  • We have shelter, we are warm, we have food and we have love.
  • We are blessed beyond measure.

Mostly this year I am thankful that I have a God that loves me enough to stick with me even when I’m not at my best.  I’m thankful for my freedom and independence, not just in my country but in my home.  I’m thankful for the leaves that change colors and the snow that is to come.  I’m thankful for learning and growing, for falling and getting back up, for forgiving and forgetting, and for accepting and going on.

I’m thankful!

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