Mind Explosion

Does your mind ever explode at the truth of God?

When you think on the infiniteness of God. How He has been around since before time began, since forever. He has no beginning and no end. He holds the world in his hand and knows the number of hairs on your head and set the stars in place. When you contemplate how sinful you are and how sinless He is and yet He chose you. He gave His Son’s life for you. He wants to be in communion with you.

When you think of these things, does your mind explode? Do you begin to sink by the weight of it all, overwhelmed by the expanse?

I do! Seriously, sometimes it gets to be so much that I have to just stop thinking about the awesomeness of this God I serve.

This happened to me in the last 24 hours. I shared yesterday that we really should go to Romans 8:29-30 and explore those verses because in the spring when I dug up the verse Romans 8:28, we stopped short of the truth that God intends to reveal behind that verse. So, as I began to chew these verses up, I began to take note after note and thought after thought and soon I was taken so deep into the truth of it all that I felt as though I was drowning and gasping for air.

I stopped and am letting some things sink in. I’m allowing it to digest and will definitely get my little puny brain around this a little better then I do now before I begin to share with you. There is a part of this that we are going to have to just acknowledge that we don’t have to explain it or understand if fully. We just have to rest in what He says for His ways are higher.

Build your faith. Pray for strength and ears to hear….we are going to need it!

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