This Sunday morning I’m sitting at the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center, waiting for day 2 of my determined swimmers swim meet to start. As I type this, one letter at a time, I’m reminded I have some needs.

#1 Please send extra padded stadium chairs immediately!!
I am aware that this is our 3rd official swim meet and we really should have learned to be more prepared by now but for some reason we just haven’t been able to get our act together and here I sit on the hard steel once again.

#2 Must remember to carry my key board everywhere.
This typing on the iPad is not really conducive the writing of great blogs. Perhaps I could use a netbook. This is part of the reason this blog is so ridiculously full of useless information.

#3 Need a way to document potential blogs on the fly.
Perhaps this would be in the form of a hired transcriber that would just hang out with me while I talk because driving or sleeping is usually where my best thoughts are formed and those places are not the best places to put pen to paper. So, maybe if you could help me come up with a solution to this predicament then not so many great posts would be lost in the confines of my middle aged brain.

#4 Lastly, I am only ONE…I may benefit from having a clone.
Today, I have come to the conclusion that I am only one person and even though I wear the hats of 7 or more roles, I am only one. Somehow God multiplies that one person and I do seem to end up meeting the needs of each of those roles but most of the time I fail miserably. Therefore, rather then needing a clone I have settled on the truth that His Grace IS Sufficient.

The reality is my needs are wants and the only need I really have is to be “unreasonably committed” to Christ. A devotional by Kenneth Copeland has been rattling around in my head. He says “Do whatever it takes to totally saturate yourself with the word of God. If you’re going to achieve the kind of spiritual excellence you’re hungry for, you’re going to have to be unreasonably committed to the Word of God.”

Enough said…my butt hurts, my pointer finger is tired of hunting and pecking and my girl is about ready to dive in! Putting the mom hat on and #1 fan of Ms. Abby Hamaker!

Unreasonably committed,

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