Remember that song, ALL IN ALL

This song is cute and nice and has a catchy toon. I actually like it but I want you to go a little bit higher into the heavenly’s with me today. It’s VERY easy to get focused on the here and now because well, we live here and now, but my friends, I challenge you to move ahead in your thoughts and heart to a place where the rest of your existence will be. We were created to be eternal souls. God created us in HIS image and He is eternal. Your life here on earth is just a blip on the map and after you finish here, you will move on. I know that my eternity will be to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. What will yours be? If you don’t know, start by reading yesterdays post and trust Jesus for your end.

This concept of ALL IN ALL hit me upside the head this fall when I was reading and re-reading Ephesians and 1 Corinthians. I kept seeing ALL IN ALL and IN HIM. As I drew back in contemplation I realized my focus was to narrow in this life and that my whole HERE AND NOW could be radically different with just this one thought: God is to be All in All, yes at the end of this world, but also NOW!

One Lord, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of ALL. Who is OVER ALL and IN ALL and LIVING through ALL! Eph 4:6

Ever since that day of Christs glorious humiliation, when for HIS people, Christ took upon Himself the role of a servant and subjected his life to pay for the sin of the world, so that all sin could be forgiven and His people would be seen by God, as clothed in HIS righteousness alone, ever since that day, ALL evil has been put under His feet, all the saints (believers, followers, saved) have Christ dwelling in them, Christ is the head of all and God, still God, is most surely and securely supreme over all things! For the head of Christ is God and God is ALL IN ALL.

Charles Spurgeon said it best in 1885 and this truth is so solidly true that it has not changed and will forever be: “That God shall be all in all–that there shall come a time when we shall stand before the throne of God, God in us all, and everything in us of God, when all His elect, all His redeemed, all to whom Christ is all, and all in whole Christ is, shall only know God as their all in all! God all in their very existence, God their all in every hymn. god their all in every pulsing of their joy. God their all in every hope, God their all in every memory. God all to them and God in all of them to the very fullest — all redeemed, all delivered from the power of sin, all quickened into the divine andGod-like life, all summed up in Christ, Christ comprehending them all — and then Christ Himself head over all things to his church, standing and giving unto God the glory forever and ever, that the Father may be all in all!”

So, my friends how does this change your NOW? Do you not sense more power? Do you not have more courage? Is there not hope that drowns you? Be established IN HIM so that your life is defined by the GOD that is ALL IN ALL, both now and forevermore.


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