I don’t like to get involved in politics and usually steer away from publicly proclaiming my opinion because someone always gets rubbed the wrong way and then people walk around butt-hurt, with chips on their shoulder and points to make.  AND also I’m a people-pleaser so I always avoid conflict when ever possible…🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😉 (yes I know its an idol of my heart and God’s working on it)

Last night, before I turned off the light I saw a post about this statement John MacArthur made about Beth Moore being a television jewelry salesperson that should just “go home”, or something like that.  I googled the video and went quietly into the bathroom to listen.  I was shook by what I heard. At first listen, I heard a moderator, a panel and an entire auditorium jesting and laughing at comments made about a sister in Christ.🤢   At second listen, I heard some scripture being referenced that I know to be true, for I have read it myself.  At Third listen, I got the sucker punch to the stomach that all women experienced when they heard a room full of men rallying around JM with laughter and clapping.  HOWEVER, this time my disgust went directly to the one to whom got the glory in this interaction…the prince of the power of air.  I felt the darkness that only Satan himself can bring when life gets ugly and Christ is discarded.

Now again, I don’t want to get political…this is actually not about whether I believe that women should be allowed to preach/teach her brothers in Christ.  I personally have learned from both JM and BM.  Both of their teachings have had significant impact on my growth in Christ and the knowledge of The Word.  BUT I’m a woman, so learning from Beth Moore shouldn’t bother anyone, except those that think she’s a heretic and then, welp, we have bigger problems you and I…..but again, neither here nor there as I make my point.

Where is JESUS in this?  Where are the people bringing honor and glory to God no matter what the situation or topic?  Why are we spending any amount of time playing in the enemies playground, pointing fingers and puffing up our chests. Here are my points:

  1. The moderator should never have brought Mrs. Moore’s name to the table.
  2. Mr. MacArthur should have refused to play the game that he was being bated to play.  NO MATTER HIS INTERPRETATION OF SCRIPTURE.  This wasn’t about scripture truth this was about throwing stones toward one woman who professes Christ as her Savior.  This was a clear display of the enemy wrecking havoc and division in God’s church.
  3. If you believe women shouldn’t preach to men then don’t you think the correct target is not the woman who accepted the invitation to teach but the man who asked her too? (to JM’s credit he did start to make that point but it was way to late.  I can handle disagreement on the interpretation of scripture! I just don’t think it is well to participate in discussions that bring out sinful responses and glorify the enemy rather then focusing on the God of all creation) (yes, I’ve participated in unfruitful discussions…I’m not judging just saying we are called to be better then this)
  4. Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene a woman (John 20:14-16) when He was resurrected and also to Mary The Mother Of James, Salome, And Joanna(Matthew 28:9)  Clearly, Jesus found it appropriate that the first to see and preach the Resurrected Christ was to be women.  Women had/have a voice that was integral to the teaching and growth of the church. (This doesn’t mean I’m in the camp of LET THE WOMEN PREACH, I’m not gonna tell you what camp I’m in, I’m gonna say….Women have a voice that is important to the church and Jesus thought so too)
  5. You don’t have to allow or agree to have women preach to men. You can believe it is contrary to God’s word but you should not cast stones or ridicule and be foolish in your speech. Of note: You also can’t stop God from using women to teach men.  Whether from the pulpit or not, God uses women to bring Glory to Him and sometimes, more often then some might like to admit, men benefit from this as well. (OK, I am a defender of women because I am one and although I’m not trying to be full of my self, nor am I drawn to preach to the masses, I do believe God has gifted me with words and understanding that may possibly be of value to all genders and I’m open to God using me in anyway He sees fit)
  6. Humans are foolish.  They say foolish things.  Even Biblical Scholars and Disciples fail God.  Peter denied Christ 3 times and yet wasn’t cast out of the Kingdom of God.  Peter was foolish.  JM was foolish.
  7. Get over yourself and stop drawing attention to this indecent discussion.
  • If you are a Christ follower you are to Glorify God in all you think, say and do
  • If your words toward another person don’t bring Glory to God then you better not say them
  • If your teaching is a stumbling block to a fellow believer you better not teach ’em
  • If your listening to a teacher (woman or man) causes you to sin in you heart or with your mouth full of disgust and condemnation then you better not listen to that teacher.

Jesus is worth more then this ridiculous conversation. No matter if you follow JM or if you follow BM, your focus should quickly turn to Christ.  I mean after all isn’t that what your life is to be about?  You being conformed to CHRIST.  You living for God’s Glory.  As much as it depends upon YOU, live at peace with all.  When the Lord calls you home and you are standing face to face with your Creator, are you really gonna stake your claim about whether BM should have preached to men?  Are you going to fall before the Lord and point your finger at the foolishness of JM’s comments?

Please revisit the first post of the year: ALL IN ALL.  God is OVER all, THROUGH all, and IN all.  He is over ALL of time, He works through ALL people and He is in ALL circumstances.  No matter a follower of JM or a follower of BM….you must be first be the follower of the one who is OVER, THROUGH and IN both of these individuals.  Trusting in the All in ALL of all things, especially the hard things like this controversy, is the key to peace and the first step toward bringing Glory to HIM. If you choose to play the games of the enemy and be baited into unfruitful conversations that deflect from Jesus, you will fail.

We must be better than this.  Those yet to believe are watching.  New believers are learning from us.  Do we lead others to this All in All God by bringing attention to such unfortunate things and dancing with the enemy in a forum full of Christ Followers?  Or do we SHINE brighter when we say….

I don’t know about JM or about BM but I do know about Jesus Christ

…and He loves with unchanging, unending, unbelievable love that has no beginning or end and is not dependent upon your good behavior or your failed attempts at life and this love is availed to all that put their trust and faith in Him.  You can not fathom it. It has no bounds, it doesn’t fit in your JM box or your BM box…it is un-containable.  How about we bring attention to that!  Lets get that to go viral on YouTube.

With which, would God be most pleased?

All In ALL!

ps.  please don’t be butt-hurt over my opinion.  I too may fail you but Jesus….now He’s someone you can count on!


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