IMG_2495As I sit with the sun, warm on my face, a silly rom-com playing on my phone, I look down below and wonder “What in the world are we doing in a 150,000 lb tin box moving hundreds of miles per hour toward the tumultuous country of Mexico?” I wonder what God thinks about all this? The world and our devices…we think we are pretty fantastic and above the laws of creation flying 30,000 feet above earth! I’ve been doing lots of reading and studying on the attributes of God and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling very vulnerable about participating in this death defying feat of flying and trusting in MANS rule of aerodynamics!

But here’s the deal, God is Sovereign over all things, even man’s absurd attempts at overcoming God’s natural law. It’s so comforting to be in HIS arms & on HIS plan and not concerned about how man’s plans will fail because HIS always triumph!

Its always in these moments that I choose to pause in life or am forced to pause, that I can put pencil to paper and share what it’s happening in my mind and heart.

(Quite literally pencil to paper)IMG_2486

This is DAY ONE of vacation and in an attempt at not letting my social media community know that I’m not at home…(although we always have a house sitter.) I will not be posting these until the week of Thanksgiving (CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS THANKSGIVING NEXT WEEK?). Anyhow, I will gather these posts and. You can follow my journey, day by day, of the week of Thanksgiving.

Today, I didn’t want it to be just a travel day that I chalk up to a lost 12 hours!! Today my prayer was that HE would be present and I would Know it! Getting to know God and His attributes has caused me to live and experience life differently. To not accept the mundane or settle for lost days but to see every day as a magnificent gift from My Creator. If you desire that too, leave me a comment and I’ll share my resources with you or stick with this blog and I’ll try to teach you what I know!

But YES! God answered my prayer and spoke to my spirit and has allowed this day to be bid and profound.

My husband is in the row in front of me and at first I thought what a bummer!IMG_2485But as we flew over LA and I traced my location and saw how close I was to my little girl, my world blew up and I had that “what in the world” moment.


Thankful that we have this time on Earth to learn and grown and trust Jesus. You may or may not know that this world is temporary, well I guess you know your time here is temporary because loved ones move on through death…but do you know that this life I just pre-life and that eternity is coming for you?

Well, for now I embrace vacation. Time with my Beloved. Time with dear friends. Time to reflect and time away from my phone and work and email and social media. May God open my eyes and fill my heart with an ever-after lens.


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