Night one! Straight to a bowl of guacamole and a tall glass of berry mojito!

Thank you very much!night in cabo

Guacamole has always been a symbol of friendship and community! Dating back to my younger years, when we went camping, mom and Cathy Landles would begin making the guacamole around 3 in the afternoon. They’d both sit around the table, listening to Kenny Rogers (🎵Islands in the stream…🎵) and make up a batch of GUAC! Then we (well they) would sit and play cards and laugh and tell stories and I remember everything being right with the world.guac

Now as we sat around that table and shared guacamole with 4 dear friends, I was struck with the blessings we’ve been given in these people. Sharing stories, laughing until our sides hurt and reveling in the friendship God has given us. I know its not the magic in the ‘GUAC’ but the design in our hearts that causes these moments to somehow make all things right in the world! However, I do believe that guacamole is the conduit of Gods goodness in these moments. Community, fellowship and GUAC, that’s what makes the world go round:)

After the guacamole fest we took a stroll on the beach because…FIREWORKS!fireworks We had to go find out what was happening. Rumors of Lady Gaga being here for her make-up artists friends wedding so we started walking toward the bright lights and loud music. Of course we found nothing! But the sand felt good and back home we went….to run into Gaga!! Seriously, she was sitting around the fire pit, security wouldn’t let us linger and we couldn’t join the “private party”. The wedding was at our resort!


Fast forward to DAY 2 of our trip, it’s POURING down rain. 100% chance of 2-4 inches expected this day. We made the best of it, had more guacamole, more mojitos, the best lobster tacos and then the boys went to the pool in the RAIN! Girls went back to the room to read…UNTIL…..we heard the party below and saw the dinosaur at the swim up bar……HAHAHA. True story.

We got our suits on and in the pouring rain made our way to the men. There was Gaga sitting on the “dry side” of the swim up bar having a smoke. T-Rex was on the bar, dancing, wrecking havoc and gathering laughs. We weren’t allowed at the swim up bar because of the “private party” and RAIN. So, picture this…..6 middle age couples, floating around the pool in the torrential downpour trying to get a look at Lady Gaga! Can you just picture it! HAHA. Gaga jumped up on the bar and started twerking with the dinosaur in her red thong, strappy little swim suit and black boots. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Nothing our eyes needed to see, but intriguing and just crazy!

Shortly after she climbed down off the bar, we headed to the hot tub. Cause, well its freezing in the pool in the rain. About 5 minutes into our soak, here comes Gaga into our tub! HAHAHA, you guys this is REAL. She sat for a bit, danced around the pool, told me how she was feeling (which I didn’t really need the description because I knew she had been at the bar for HOURS). Then after about 10 minutes of us silently watching, she and her friends get up to go “sober-up” in the pool….Gaga was gone.

Ok, long post here but you needed the details to know the punch line! Some people you see on social media or on TV or in the lime light are GORGEOUS. They look fit and trim, they are airbrushed and posed. They have lots of money and seem to be dominating this world. But the truth is some of those people are LOST. They really don’t have it together. They really aren’t living their best life now. They are sad and deprived and they need Jesus. Without Jesus they just have airbrushed existences without true guacamole moments.

I immediately started plotting how I would witness to Gaga next time she swam up to me at the tub, haha, but that opportunity never happened. When women come into my life whether they be Miss Betty in the chair next to me at church or Miss Gaga at the hot tub in Mexico, they are forever imprinted upon my heart. I am now charged to pray, be open to and love the dear souls that God brings into my circle. I may not see Miss Gaga ever again but I’m praying for her, I’m contending for her at the foot of Jesus. May she be added to the list of lovers of Jesus and may God use her and Kanye to draw the world to Himself.


Don’t worry the sun came back…..

sun cabo

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